Les Hommes Pathétiques - Archipelago

Les Hommes Pathétiques

It is the mid 2000s and vegetable wholesaler Alain Fresco, commis chef Jacques Shyt and sanitation worker Luc Warm find themselves in the orbit of a famous Cornish fish restaurant. Finding inspiration in the surrounding flotsam, flora and fauna they spend their spare moments busking around the region, collecting a small but enthusiastic following along the way. After many a sea shanty fuelled lock-in, they decide it is high time to record a musical tribute to their adopted home: The album you are listening to now.

All music written, recorded and produced by Les Hommes Pathétiques. Additional vocals by Lynn Drum and the Petherick Community Choir. Percussion by Archibald Pellago. Digitally mastered from the original Minidisc recordings.

Released August 2, 2020

A Paen To Chalky (Explicit).mp3

A Paen To Chalky (Explicit Version)

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